Saturday, May 22, 2010


So just when you thought anorexia and size zero figures were swallowed whole by a hearty chunk of fat or Susan Boyle for that matter, truth is, it never really did go away did it? Everyone and everything is out to look fitter, slimmer and more attractive than ever before.

The iPod Shuffle has been slimmed down to the size of a phone chip. Phones are getting thinner and thinner. Never mind that their users can sometimes be a bunch of fatheads. Skimmed milk, diet drinks and low fat cheeses are now available with the local Baniya. Pity he doesn't see the need to give them a try. And laptops are lighter than ever before. Adaptors, wires, chargers and other laptop accessories, however, have decided to protest and get bigger than Donald Trump's hairdo.

Diets and exercise have stiff competition from cosmetic procedures that are available to anyone willing to trade an arm and a leg for well, a better looking arm and a leg. Why spend months at the gym when you can have your tummy sucked out and your face botoxed while you pretend to step out for a business lunch one busy Monday afternoon?

Think about it. I know my Baniya never will.