Friday, April 30, 2010

Off The Shelf

So when's the last time you walked into a bookstore? With everything available online these days, we're slowly losing touch with some of the little things that once gave us pleasure. Turning the pages on a Kindle isn't quite the same as cracking a spine and getting that 'new book' smell waft through one's head. You need to touch the pages and feel them to really connect with the author. Walking through the aisles of a bookstore is far more exciting than browsing the new arrivals at Sure flipkart delivers books to your door, but wouldn't you rather go out and get a book than wait patiently for the mailman to drop by? This whole technology thing is ridding us of the simple life. Well, got to go now. I have to water my plants and tend to my garden on Farmville.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Video Ga Ga

So what's going on with music channels these days? Channel [v] only plays hindi music. MTV has started showing hindi films, reality shows, more reality shows, and if you're lucky, a rerun of one of those reality shows. And Vh1, the only saving grace for international music lovers at one time, is now showing films, America's Got Talent and promos for every forthcoming hindi blockbuster. Is this really the death of the international music video? Is You Tube our only option to catch Lady Gaga hard-selling everything from Diet Coke to Wonderbread and Miracle Whip? Must we go through Alka, Sonu and Bappi to get to Goldfrapp? I used to be in love with music channels. We had a great relationship. But sadly, it's all over now cause they're just not playing my song.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So what's the deal on celebrity endorsements? Take the IPL, for instance. There are more logos on the cricketers' jerseys than perverts on a Virar local. Watch any match, and you will probably see your favourite cricketer get more screen time on commercials than out there on the field. They're peddling everything from shaving creams and writing instruments to clothing and surrogate soda water. Doesn't matter if it's got nothing to do with the sport.

Some celebrity tie-ups are just misfits from the start - like Salman Khan and Dollar Vests. Seriously? The man's never covered his chest in his life. Or Abhishek Bachchan and Flying Machine jeans. With his legs, he'd be better suited for Kentucky Fried Chicken advertisements. Maybe his father can give him a Parker pen to sign the contract.

It's sad but true - there are very few models and fresh faces in advertising today. Blink and you'll miss them. But don't worry they'll probably land up in a Bollywood film, walk the red carpet and be signing new advertising contracts before you can say "Freida Pinto."