Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tick tock...tick tock...

So we all know Bombay is a city that just doesn't let you breathe. And even if it does give you a window to breathe, the smells could land up killing you anyway. The pace of the city is frantic. Everybody's on the move. Everybody's rushing to get to somewhere - their workplaces, their lunches, their plastic surgeons. Everybody's catching a bus, train or plane. And everyday there's someone falling off each one of them. No one stops for anything. Except perhaps to bribe a traffic cop for jumping a red light so they can hurriedly be on their way again. 

Work's hectic. 

There's breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings, drinks with clients, drinks with potential clients, drinks with ex-clients, even drinks with colleagues to discuss your constant drinking.

And then there's the partying. It just don't stop.

There's parties for everything - a movie launch, a movie flop, a new fairness cream, a tanning lotion, a new wine, an old wine in a new bottle, a new designer, an old designer with a new face - and the beat goes on and on. Whatever free time used to be there has been usurped by twitter, facebook, linkedin, google chat, angry birds and mafia wars.

And you're still wondering why I haven't had the time to update this blog?


  1. I think even if we had free time we wouldn't know what to do with it. And we'd promptly think of something to fill it up. I think we are all afraid of free time and silences even if we outwardly wish for both.

  2. I get the on-the-move-big city-life.
    But here, tell me the *where* :/
    Its annoying and simply pointless.

    Good post though.