Friday, February 12, 2010

Ajoy To The World - Actually, just to himself.

So Alexander McQueen's last design was on his own skull, the film 'My Name Is Khan' is attracting large crowds (So what if they're all angry mobs coming to tear down the cinema?), thousands of naked men are taking a dip in the Ganga to celebrate Mahashivratri at the largest ever Kumbh Mela and I'm posting my first blog entry. 

I'm guessing some of these events really have the potential to go down in history.

Coming back to reality though, this blog is not here to change the world, raise funds to buy Sarah Palin a new palm top or save the Tiger, even Tiger Woods for that matter, it's just here for one thing and one thing only - the future. Mine.

I figured that if i can put up some of my advertising work here, and get some people (aiming for low double digits here) to see it, then maybe it will start getting noticed, I'll get more work, and earn money for life's little necessities - like single malts, vacations and maybe even that beautifully tailored, ice-print McQueen suit at less than blood prices.


  1. AJOY..... ur the star man... i might not say it tooo often... cuz i think im funnier.... but im jus jealous... or ur talent..... !
    im glad u started this...... i think i actually hv a social life... besides facebook ofcourse..... well im hoping this expands my social scene.... it will right?

  2. Nice work ajoy...we need more words from u! Dont keep it short!