Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does size matter?

So what's the story with everyone's obsession on size? Men always want everything bigger. Houses. Cars. Biceps. Amplifiers. Televisions. Burgers. Their women's breasts. Everything needs to be big, big, big. While women spend their whole lives wishing they could get everything smaller. Except when it comes to engagement rings, of course. But let's not go down that aisle right now.

A recent survey just revealed that most British teenage girls want to grow up to look like Kate Moss. What stupid kids. Don't they know that they should not grow at all if they want to look like her?

Diets are no longer casual food restrictions. They are calculated down to every micro-milli-calorie. Forget caviar, these days a sliver of iceberg lettuce on a silver platter is considered an indulgent lunch. Some celebrities even share the same eating habits as a Somalian, except that the Somalian probably looks healthier than they do.

What's wrong with tipping the scales occasionally? It's good to let go sometimes. Eat what you want. Drink what you like. And what if that belt doesn't buckle up or that zipper doesn't go up on your skirt? Big deal.

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