Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frequent Crier Miles.

So as an unmarried guy in his thirties, I have no real experience with kids, except for the fact that I still behave like one. I do babysit my nephew and nieces from time to time, and they're the most adorable little things, especially when you know you can make them eat everything they aren't allowed to, before you send them back to their parents to deal with the consequences. 

"Can I have some bitter chocolate?" says the 3 year old. 

"Didn't you just brush your teeth for bed?" I say. 

"Yes, but puhleeeeeeeeeze..." she says with a look that would make Hitler flash his pearlies. 

"Ok, but just one bar." I hypnotically succumb. 

Little kids have it real good. All they do is eat, poop, eat some more and sleep. Strangely, I have a couple of friends my age who still do that. Kids are pampered all the time and have everything handed to them on a platter. Strangely, I have a couple of friends my age who live the same way. Kids throw temper tantrums, scream, cry and shout and get away with anything. Ditto with some of my friends. I love kids, except when I'm taking a flight. There's nothing worse than traveling long distance to realize you're seated next to the toddler whose shrieking can make noise reduction headphones melt. 

Fortunately, there's a site out there that provides tips for moms traveling with their wailing wee ones that may just come in handy to keep those diapers buckled up during the flight. And the bar service from being grossly misused by harrowed passengers.

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